Monday, July 12, 2010

Unexpected Events

This year has been an interesting one, with lots of twists and turns that I never would of expected. Over the winter one of my daughters got very sick with what they think was Miller Fisher Syndrome. Basically the insulation of her peripheral nerves came off, which led to many tests and doctors visits. In the end there was nothing we could do for her, except wait it out and let her body recover, which it appears to have done. 

During that same time she started getting weird allergy symptoms to certain foods. The symptoms were akin to anaphylactic  shock where her throat would start to close up. She now has an Epi Pen and has had to use it one one occasion. Honestly, the only time these issues have come up is when she is not here and has eaten out. We will be heading to see an allergist in November, hopefully things will be figured out before she heads off to college. 

Then there is my other daughter who had been accepted to New England Masters Commission this fall. Due to certain choices that were made she now does not have the money to go, so she has applied to a technical college for art. Hopefully she will get in, if not for the fall semester then for the the winter one. 

This is not how I envisioned the year to be. As a matter of fact if someone had told me this time last year that our family would of gone through those things, I wouldn't of believed them. I had the year planned out. I knew the direction that I wanted us all to go in and I thought I could get us there. 

Guess what?

I couldn't do anything. 

I couldn't make my daughters illness better.
I couldn't fix her allergies.
I couldn't get the financies for my daughters school.
I couldn't make her choices for her. 

However, I did learn some very important lessons:

* God really does have everything under control.
* The choices we make really do affect those around us.
* My children's lives are not my lives. Yes, I can love them and be there for them but I cannot dictate what they do. Keep in mind I'm not talking about 'little' kids, but rather 'children' 18 and over. 
* Nothing my children will ever do will seperate me from them. I can also take this to a spiritual level, nothing we can do will seperate from the love of Christ. 
* My husband is the best man in the world for me and for my family. He has been my rock and strength during this time of turmoil. 
* Never, ever underestimate the power of prayer. God is amazing and is still in the prayer answering business. His answers may not be the answers we want, but he answers nonetheless. 

Have you ever had times in your life when you felt you had no control at all? What did you do? 

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Anna Pearl's Attic said...

I was interested to read about your daughter's allergies. When I was a young lady, I developed an allergy to aspirin. Once this bore its ugly head, more allergies started to show up. Most of them were when I ate out.

We determined that I was allergic to nitrates and sulphites, which are preservatives used in many processed foods. Most restuarants use processed foods.

The good news is that I have grown out of it. :o)

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Anna Pearl's Attic