Thursday, July 15, 2010

Arizona Law

I try to keep this a non political blog, though I do have strong political opinions. The issue of the 'new' Arizona law is a very disturbing one to me. Unlike some of those in leadership, I just a regular citizen have read the law. If you want to read it yourself go here, it really is not that long or difficult to understand. The gist of it is that the state of Arizona is doing what the Federal Government should be doing, enforcing the law. 

It is not like Nazi Germany where people will be rounded up and killed if they are not of the 'right' nationality. It is not racial profiling, because Hispanic people will not be pulled over just for being Hispanic. If I get pulled over for a traffic violation, I have to show my drivers license, registration, and in some states proof of insurance. I do not tell the police officer that he/she is profiling me because I am a white woman, I give the officer the required paperwork with no questions asked. Basically, I obey the law. 

I realize that immigration is a hot topic, but seriously if the Federal Government would of done the job it is required by law to do, the this new law would not be needed. I say to Jane Brewer, good job for standing up and for defending the law of the land. 

For more information on 'Stand With Arizona' head over here

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