Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Farm Animals

My blog is called "ruralmommasramblings" for a reason, we live in northern NH in a very rural area. I love it up here and honestly would not want to live any where else. Here are some pictures of some of the animals on our "mini farm". 

This is Snookie, she was born here and is 4 years old. 

This is Toby, he is my daughters dog. We got him from a rescue shelter when he was 4 months old. 

This is Rogue and she also was born here. She is smaller then the other goats, but honestly she is more feisty then them all. Rogue is 2 years old, which is probably why she is so feisty. 

This romping guy is one of our beef cows. His name is Ferdinand and he loves to be patted and to run around the field. 

Here are some of my ladies. 

This is Dose, and she is Snookies mother and is the oldest of the three. We are not actually sure of her age.

I love the animals, there is something so calming about taking care of them. They are also incredibly fun to watch. :o)

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Penny @ said...

The kids will have fun watching them when we come up!