Friday, July 9, 2010

Flash Back Friday

I'm loving participating in Flash Back Friday over at Penny's blog. If you have not checked her blog out, head on over there and join in with your own 'flash back'!! :o)

The year was 1977 and I was 10 years old. 

The place was The Old Dirt Road in New Harbor, Maine.

The setting was an old abandoned house.

The people: my aunt, my mother, my sister, my cousin (the same one I got in the car accident with), and of course me. 

The flash back:

We went for a walk down The Old Dirt Road, and saw this house that appeared to be abandoned. We were familiar with the house and had never seen any vehicle there or any people. My aunt thought it would be fun to go and check it out, so we all trudged right up to the house and started looking in the windows. As we were looking the windows all of a sudden my aunt screams out:

"There's a man in there!"

Apparently the 'man' was inside looking back out the window at her! I remember her running so fast, and of course we all followed her. We ran back down the dirt road, and we didn't stop till we got back to my grandmother's cabin. 

Once we got back to cabin, we all started laughing. As a matter of fact to this day, I still laugh when I remember the time my aunt saw a "Man in there!!" 

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Penny @ said...

LOL. Did you ever find out who it was!?

rural momma said...

Nope, we used to call him 'the hermit'. LOL