Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This morning our dog Kadie died. She had been part of our family for 9 years and was extremely faithful. She was so faithful and protective of our family, that only one or two people could come over and take care of her while we were gone. Her bark was way worse then her bite, as she was a fun loving dog to those she trusted. It was really weird, because as she was dying she looked sad like she knew she wouldn't be here any more to protect us. I literally told her that it was okay, that we would be okay and she could go on and be at peace. I am not going to debate the theological issues of animals going heaven, but I am going to say that I hope she is there waiting for us. I'm sure that if she is there she is totally healthy and running for all she is worth. She loved to run!! She also loved stuffed animals. As big as she was, it looked so funny to see her carrying around a teddy bear in her mouth. She wasn't doing it to play with it, but it almost seem like a comfort thing. She really was a great dog, but as hard as it is to say goodbye her time had come. I'm not totally sure what she actually died from, but she had been having some health issues for awhile. Her fur was falling out and she honestly looked tired. About three days before she died she basically stopped eating and then for 24 hours she just laid there. Her eyes were open and she would look at us, but she couldn't get up. I knew her time had come. Death is a hard thing to accept, I'm glad for the what time we had with her. 

RIP Kadie, We All Loved You Very Much! 

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Granite Buckeye said...

Sorry to hear that she died.
She was a great dog, and was very protective of your home. I will miss seeing her.