Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Help, Lord, I'm Getting Ready to Start Homeschooling My High Schooler!" (Review)

"Help, Lord, I'm Getting Ready to Start Homeschooling My High Schooler!" is a compilation of true stories from those who have already entered the maze of the high school years. This e-book is like sitting with friends, who share their stories and the more you read the more confident you become in your ability to teach high school. I remember the summer my son was entering his freshman year, I was a mess. Fortunately I had a gracious friend who answered my questions, helped me with curriculum choices, showed me how to keep records, and then offered to continue to help me throughout the year. It was such a blessing having her there, she had already been through the dreaded high school years, so I trusted what she told me. "Help, Lord, I'm Getting Ready to Start Homeschooling My High Schooler!", is just like having that friend right in your home. Here is a list of some of the chapters: Focus on Their Strengths; Living One Day At A Time; God Prepares Our Children; Finishing Well; How Far Can You Go? High School? College? ; and many more! What I love most about this e-book is that the stories are real, they are not candy coated or one size fits all. With 14 different authors who have different types of families I felt encouraged and even girded up by the stories. I honestly think this e-book would be great for all homeschool families, not just those concerned about high school. If you would like a copy of, "Help, Lord, I'm Getting Ready to Start Homeschooling My High Schooler, head on over to http://www.theoldschoolhousestore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=334_425&products_id=12107 . This e-book is $12.45 and is ready to use once you download it to your computer.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Review of Molly's Money-Saving Digest, January 2010

Molly's Money Saving Digest is checker block filled with simple ideas to save money, and in this economy every bit counts. She has a free website, http://www.econobusters.com, which is updated regularly with great money save tips, links to great freebies, easy recipes, yard sale tips and more!! Then she also offers the Digest for $4.95, which is focused on certain areas of homemaking. The digest I looked at was the January 2010 edition titled: Evaluate, Prioritize, Organize. These are three things that many us could use assistance in. As I read through Molly's Money Saving Digest, I was amazed at the wealth of information that was given by the writers. For instance, Mrs. Martha Green (also known as Marmee Dear) shared a easy step by step pie crust recipe along with pictures for those of us who are visual learners.

"This Months On Sale Items" is extremely useful and practical. How many times do you miss a good sale, because you are unaware of the right time to shop. Molly takes care of that for us, but listing the items which normally go on sale each month. In January the list contained things like: domestic towel, linens, china, glassware, Christmas items, calendars, carpeting and more!! Having that list opened my eyes to the retail world in a way that I hadn't looked at it before.

If you love printables then Molly has those too!! January's Digest had printables for budgeting, a January calendar, 'to do' list, clothes inventory list (isn't that a great idea), and more. These lists would make a great addition to any household notebook.

Molly's Money Saving Digest is down loadable so you can access it any time either on your computer or by printing it out. Personally I found it to be extremely well written, fun to read, and filled with useful money saving information. If you would like to order a copy head on over to, http://www.econobusters.com and click on the "my books" tab at the top. You can also check out her free website, receive regular emails, become a "Molly Member" for $3.95 a month, and more!! This is a gem of a site that I am happy to pass along to you all.

I was looking through pictures of celebrities with and without their makeup. Don't ask me why I was doing it, I am not a huge Hollywood fan and I am not a celeb follower. I guess I let boredom take to the place, that I normally would not go. Any way, I was scanning the aforementioned pictured and I noticed that the majority of the ladies were gorgeous without their makeup. The captions didn't seem to hold my same opinion, as each one was basically made fun of without their makeup and then praised with it. I think that is sad. A woman should be able to go out in public without having to get all dolled up. Now, I am not against makeup. I wear it and I like it, but I don't have to wear it to be complete. Who I am is who I am and that is how God made me. These ladies should be able to run to the store or go to the park with their kids without worrying about prying eyes glaring at them through a lens. I am a fan of photography, but not when it is done to hurt and demean someone. It is just plain ol' wrong.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Simple Womens Day Book

Outside your window....it is dreary, rainy, and no doubt cold.

I'm thankful that...God is in control no matter what man may sign into law. ;o)

From the kitchen... not sure, thinking about cooking a chicken for dinner...

I'm wearing.... comfy jeans (which are getting bigger), Evangel Mom sweatshirt, socks, and sneakers.

I'm creating... a list of the next school year.

I'm reading...The Rainmaker by John Grisham

I'm hoping...that this health care debacle will be overturned by the Supreme Court.

I'm hearing....the clickity clack of the keys as my fingers do the talking.

Around the house.... the house is pretty clean, school is in session, and I'm looking forward to hubbys day off tomorrow. :o) After 21 years I still love spending time with him and he still makes my heart flutter. ;o)

One of my favorite things.... watching my children grow from childhood to adulthood. It is a scary bumpy ride, but one that I wouldn't trade for anything in the whole world.

A few plans for the rest of the week.... menu making, grocery shopping, school, and perhaps helping with the sectional dinner at my church. This is the first time it is there, so it is exciting. :o)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Interesting Findings

My son and I have been reading the book of John each morning and something really stuck out to me. It is :

John 12 vs. 42-43 " Yet at the same time many, even among the leaders believed in Him. But because of the Pharisees they would not confess their faith for fear they would be put out of the synagogue; for they loved praise from men more then praise from God."

I have read the book of John many times, but for some reason I never noticed this little gem. Lets think about this for a minute, the leaders wanted to believe in Jesus. They new all the things he had done, and they actually went to that particular passover feast to see Lazarus who Jesus had raised from the dead. Sitting under the teachings of Jesus, they honestly wanted to believe but because of fear of the Pharisees (the teachers of the law) they refrained.

Can you imagine?? Finding the One and yet not following Him because of fear of man?

What would of happened if they did follow Him? They would of been put out of the synagogue. Basically they would of been tossed out to their place of worship. Wow!!

Instead of following Jesus they followed men.


Because they desired the praises of men more then the praise of God, they missed out.

How many times do we miss out on the things of God because we fear what others will say?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Everyone Has A Story

I attended a woman's convention on Saturday and it was exactly what I needed to hear. You see, God has been stirring up this desire in me to share my story with other women and that is exactly what the two sessions were about. I did not know that before I went, but God did and I believe that is why I was there.

Everyone has a story. Every ones story is different. Each chapter of our story contains the different parts of our life. Some chapters may be sad while others may be filled with laughter. Some times our stories define us for the good and other times for the not so good. It all depends on what we focus on. Do we focus on what we went through or do we focus on what God did during those times? Do we focus on what could of been or do we focus on where we are now?

I know that life is hard, there are many hurts and pains. I also know that God is there in the midst of it all. He is there through the pain, the heartache, abandonment, abuse, divorce, financial struggles, or what ever we are going through. He is there.

I encourage you today to start looking at your own story, and see where God has brought you. Write down those things and then share them with the women in your lives. It is so important to be real with those around us. Yes, it can be scary to open up to people but the benefits outweigh the risks. God uses people to minister to people. I encourage you to connect with those around you and share what He has done.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Deep Conversations

Here is a snippet of a conversation that took place in our home today:

Me: I'm not having mayonaise with my tuna.

Son: That's gross

Daughter: Mom, is trying to loose 20 pounds.

Son: Why, she's already married.

Me and Daughter: hahahahahahahahaha..... :o)

That is just one of the reasons that I love being home with my kids. :o)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Please Pray for Emma

Here is the link and for more information go to her Twitter page.


This family really needs our prayers, thoughts, and support. Head on over and leave a little comforting word.