Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Fun Ideas

Here some summer fun ideas for when the days are long and hot.

* Paint with water: 
Give the kids some buckets filled with water and some big paint brushes and let them 'paint' the house, porch, toys, and anything else they see. 

* Squirt Gun Fights or Target Practice:
Get some squirt guns from the Dollar Store and have everyone split up into teams and then 'squirt' away!! If you don't like the idea of them squirting each other, then make a target and let them practice shooting it. 

* Water Balloon Toss:
Get some water balloons, and set up a toss game for the kids and for you too!!

* Outside Obstacle Course:
Set up a an obstacle course and include things like jump rope, hula hoops, tossing balls, squirt guns, bikes and anything that will keep them running. Then at the end of the course set up a small pool for them to take a victory 'swim' in. 

* Inside Obstacle Course:
If it's too hot outside, bring the fun inside!! Use what you have around the house to set up things for the kids to romp on and just have fun. At the end their prize could be ice pops.

* Sidewalk Chalk Drawings:
Get some big bulky sidewalk chalk, or make better yet make some of your own, then go out and draw!! You could have a different theme each day and then clean it off with water. 

* Decorate Bikes:
Get streamers, cards, and balloons and let the kids decorate their bikes. Then go on a ride around the block to show off their work. You could even invite friends over and make a parade of it!!

* Day At The Lake:
If you live near a lake, pack a picnic lunch and head out to the lake!! It doesn't need to be fancy. PB&J sandwiches, drinks, and easy snacks is all it takes to keep hungry appetites at bay. 

The main point is to get out and have fun with your children. Summer is for grown ups too. :o)

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