Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Curriculum for 2010-2011

I cannot believe another school year is just about upon us. This will be my 15th year as a homeschooling teacher, time certainly does seem to fly!! I remember first starting and feeling so overwhelmed as I looked through homeschool curriculum catalogs. The choices seemed endless, but it is nothing like today. A homeschool mom or dad has more choices then ever and could get really overwhelmed! My motto is, 'if it works, then stick with it till it doesn't work any more." 

Based on that motto this year I'm using pretty much what I either already have or what I know works. 

I am down to two 'students', one will be in 12th grade and the other in 8th. 

My 12th grader already has more the enough credits to graduate, and she is graduating a year early. Here is her list:

Psychology (she will be using my college book)
Essay Writing and preparing for her SAT (using online prompts)
Graphic Arts (we are hoping she gets an internship over the year with a local company)
Sociology (she will be using her aunts college book)

My 8th grader:

Apologia Physical Science (once he finishes the astronomy)
Daily Grams
Video Game Design (this will be free from the web)
Journal/Essay writing (he really needs more in this area)
Reading Daily along with book reports

If you checked out the links you probably noticed that some of the items are very pricey. I want to write a disclaimer here stating that most of the items I already have, either from past 'students' or from people blessing me with them. Basically my whole sons curriculum was provided for free by a friend that I met online. She was moving and did want to bring the books with her, so she offered them free of charge. What a blessing that was!! I can't wait till I can bless someone like that too and it will most likely be passing on the same books she passed on to me. Don't you love 'paying it forward'?  

I think that is it for the curriculum, but I will adjust as necessary. It always seems like I end up adding and taking things away as the school year progresses. It looks like the start up date will be Sept. 13, but that is only for my son as my daughter pretty much does her own work. The main thing is that she gets it done and comprehends it, other then that I don't care when she actually does the work. Keep in mind when the kids were little we did have schedule, but now it is a lot more flexible. 

What does your curriculum look like for this school year? Do you have everything you need or is there more to get? Do you have a flexible schedule or a strict one? Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know, I would love hear about it. :o)

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Stephanie said...

Your plan looks great -- I am particularly intrigued by the video game design piece! May I ask where you found this online?

Tiffany said...

I'm a homeschooling "old timer" too:)Two of my sons have done SL Brit Lit. I was thankful for an opportunity to read through some of that with them (others I suffered through, LOL). It has served them well now that they are in college, to have gone through that level.

Have a great school year!