Friday, July 2, 2010

Flash Back Friday

Flash back to 1973, I was six years old. It is hard to believe that I remember that far back, but for some reason this little incident is stuck in my head. 

My mother, my sister, and I lived in an apartment on Gill Road. Next to our apartment building was another one, but on either sides of the buildings there was regular suburban type houses. The houses on either side of the buildings had pools and since it was the 70's somebody's pool was everybody's pool. 

On this particular summer day the grown ups were all outside sitting by one of the neighbors pool. They were probably drinking, but I honestly can't say for sure. All of us neighborhood kids were there too, cause after all mi casa or pool su casa or pool! 

We had been playing in the pool, then we played kickball, and then we were just milling around the grown ups probably annoying them. I remember one of the grown ups saying, "What are you kids doing? Why don't you just get lost." I think we took it literally, cause that is exactly what we did.

If my memory serves me right there were at least ten of us ranging from the youngest 6 to the oldest 14 or so. We all got on our bikes and we rode and rode and rode. I remember it was getting pretty dark out and yet we were still riding. No one seemed to know where we were or where were going. I think we really were plain old lost. 

It was getting pretty late, and a policeman saw us and asked us where were going. I remember the oldest, looking very sheepishly, told the cop that we were lost. He asked about our parents and the kid told the cop that are parents told us to get lost!! I can't remember the look on the policeman's face, but I bet it was priceless. He asked where we lived exactly and the older ones told him. I remember him kindly chuckling, as apparently we were far from home. He pointed us back in the right direction and off we went. 

When we got home all the parents were getting worried and wondering where their wayward children had gone. When we told them they told us to "get lost" and that is exactly what we did!! They all looked at each other and laughed till they cried. Yes, those were good times. ;o)

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MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

ummm... so is this a real flashback or a fake one?

it is funny how kids take things so literally! unless of course, literally isn't convenient.

Penny @ said...

I have never told my children to get lost, but some days I want to! lol