Thursday, July 22, 2010

Becoming A Woman of Freedom

One of the book studies we offer at Pathways Pregnancy Care Center is, Becoming A Woman of Freedom by Cynthia Heald. I just started this study with a client and let me tell you it is amazing!! The grace, wisdom, and love that is found in the pages is such a help to those struggling with freedom. Many times we allow ourselves to be stay in the state of slavery, but do not even recognize it. We become accustomed to that lifestyle and when freedom is place right before us, we still choose bondage. 

The reasons that we choose bondage are many, but the theme and results are pretty much the same. We are not living fully the way God intends for us to live. Yes it's hard to examine our lives and be open and honest with ourselves. But, when we are willing to really look at our life and examine our strongholds then we allow God to change things. Turning away may be easier, but it is not beneficial to our well being. 

I highly recommend this book to those who are struggling with the idea of letting go of the baggage and allowing God to reign in their life. 

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