Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Splinted Goat

This morning I was woken up bright and early by my son saying, "Dad I think there's an animal in the barn after the goats." My husband looked at me and said, "What did he say?", I asked again and he repeated the same thing. We both jumped up, but hubby is more practical then I am and put on his sneakers and got bullets for the gun. I, on the other hand, ran up the stairs and out to the barn with nothing on my feet and no protection at all. When I got to the barn I heard the goat baaing (is that even how you spell it?) like crazy. All the other goats were standing around, but were joining in the chorus. I couldn't see where the goat was, she is smallish and black. Then I saw her in the back corner of the barn hanging from her right leg!!

She was flipping out, and when she saw me she flipped out even more. I went to get to her and the plan was to attempt to hold her so she wasn't hurting her leg. The plan failed. She squirmed and before I could actually get there I heard a snap and she fell to the ground. I was pretty certain she broke her leg and it was later confirmed that I was right. :o(

My husband, being the avid researcher that he is, found out some great information about broken goats legs online. Apparently it is not uncommon for goats to break their legs, because they are mischievous and often get stuck. Who knew?

We got the stuff together for a splint and went over what we were going to do before we headed to the barn. Kind of like how the doctors go over their surgery beforehand. My only job was to hold the goats head and try to keep her calm. My sweet husband did all the other things, and now we have a goat in a home made splint. She is up and walking around, so we are praying that she heals up good.

I will try to post pictures later on so you can see the great job that hubby did. :o)

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