Monday, July 13, 2009

Grass is Greener......

Do you see this goat? Doesn't she look innocent and sweet?

That very goat, the one looking all sweet and innocent, is the most troublesome of all our animals. Why, you ask? She is not content being where she is supposed to be and is always trying to escape or succeeding at escaping. We have four goats and those four goats have a huge area to eat grass, chew on trees, run around, and do plain ol' goaty things. They even have 'toys' in the area for them to jump on and have fun. Is this little goat satisfied by being the area? No! She thinks the grass and trees are better on the other side of the fence. Same grass. Same trees.

The thing this little goat does not seem to get is that we live on a fairly busy road. Busy for our area any way. There is danger lurking in the form or cars and trucks, but she doesn't get it. When she gets out, instead of staying in the back she has to make her way to the front of the house, which is by the road. Hmmm....why does she do that? Why is she not content in her area? She thinks something better is outside her safety zone.

That goats reminds me There have been many times in my life when things are going great, but I need to explore and do more. I don't want to be in a confined area, I want to see just how far I can go. The area may be safe, but another area looks better and is more appealing to me. It may be the exact same stuff, but for some reason it's different because it's some where else. Then the Lord gently nudges me back to where He wants me, just like I do to the goat. He lets me know that He has placed me in certain areas for a reason, and He has provided what I need for that time. When/if the comes to move on, He will provide the right place. There will be no wandering and I don't have to worry about the hazards, because He will be the One directing my paths.

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