Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ramblings for Next School Year

As I look out over the beautiful green landscape, my thoughts are about our next years school. I have several things already, but I still need more. Here is a list of my haves and some of my wants:

History of Gods Kingdom, Sonlight
Write Shop
Alpha Omega Math for ds
Apologia Chemistry
Money Matters for Young Children
SAT Practice Books

Teaching Textbooks, Algebra 2
A Beka Grammar
Physical Education ( not sure what I'm going to do )
Health-- Alpha Omega Computer Version
SAT Practice DVD
Chemistry for Junior High
Demolishing Strongholds

That might be it, but I think I'm missing a few things. This year is going to be an intense year, I have a senior a possible junior (dd is looking to graduate early), and a 7th grader who really needs extra attention. My 15 year old dd is going to start in August, the 13 year old has already been doing some summer school, and the 17 year old is start in September. I am also planning on going back to school part time, so we will really need a strict schedule to get everything done. 

Are you already planning your school year? How is it looking? Please feel free to share. :o)

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MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

We are still plugging along and haven't stopped this summer. I have decided to take this week off though since my son Noah's b-day is today and we are going out of town. :)

I do enjoy being on a schedule and being home. Everyone is happier when we have regular, predictable days... even though they seem to be rare sometimes!

Have a fabulous week, my friend!