Monday, July 13, 2009


My ds is home from college, he has been since May 1st. The poor kid has not been able to work, but he did have knee surgery to replace his acl. Yes, he tore it way back in January and dealt with it the best he could till he came home. He had his surgery a few weeks ago, and is now having physical therapy to help build up his muscle. The interesting thing is that the therapy is mainly for his 'donor' knee. You see, his replacement acl came from his good knee, which now is.... well, lets just say mending. ;o) 
He is heading back on August 18th and I think he will be very happy. Happy to see his friends, happy to hit the books, and happy to not be bored. LOL  I'm so blessed that he is home, but this has been a long hard summer for him. I hope next summer is better. ;o)

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