Sunday, August 22, 2010

What Worship is All About

Today in church a man with a mental disability stood next to me. I know this man, but for this post I will call him Mr. B.,  he is awesome and has such a zest for life!! :o) When he came over to sit by me,  I must confess I was taken back a little because I wanted to worship. Did you get that? 

I. Wanted. To. Worship.

I did not want to be distracted today by listening to someone else worship. 

How sad is that?

When the music started the first song was, 'God is Good All the Time'. Mr. B obviously knew the song and he sang it out with all of his heart. Then the next song came along and Mr. B did not know the words, but he sang out how much he loved Jesus. He praised His Lord. He didn't care what he sounded like or who was around him, he came to praise Jesus and that is exactly what he did. I was so blessed and my heart was so full that I just had to stop singing and listen to Mr. B as he praised the Lord.

Worship is not about how we sound or who we are. It is about getting our hearts right and entering in to the very presence of the living God. All our cares, needs, worries, attitudes, agendas, or other baggage just fall off when we worship Him. 

I thank God for placing Mr. B next to me today. I learned something today that I will never ever forget. 


Grace said...

So funny and entertaining the way you described yourself next Mr B and witnessing the worship. I liked it as a simple and yet informative article.

Anonymous said...

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