Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Honey!! :o)

Happy Birthday to the love of my life!! :o) We have been together longer then we have been apart, yes we are that old!! ;o) When we first me we were both 20, and now here we are at 43. Well, I'm not 43 yet but will be in 10 days. ;o) How fast time flies by, I swear the more 'mature' you get, the faster it goes by. When we met we both had dreams, you had hair, and we had a whole lota' life to look forward to. Here we are today with four kids, a house, lots of animals, still making dreams, and still looking forward to what life brings. I am so very blessed to be married to the very most perfect man in the whole wide world for me. You, my dear are an amazing man and I'm so happy that our paths crossed and that we ended up in this place. 

I hope you have a very happy birthday!! :o)


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Sentimentos (...) said...

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