Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Things Are Hopping!!

This week has been crazy busy. My son's girlfriend is visiting from Delaware for three weeks, and we went to Manchester Airport on Monday to pick her up. Then my sweet son treated all 6 of us to lunch at the Tilton Diner. When we got back the kids went swimming, which gave me a chance to get the bed that she would be sleeping on ready. We had a fun evening of movies and getting to know each other better.

On Tuesday I headed out to Pathways, where I volunteer. I made phone calls to a few local churches about the upcoming walk for life. Then I counseled with a client, did paperwork, and headed home for a bit. I went back to Pathways at 5:00 for a group that I am participating in as well as learning how to facilitate. My 16 year old left for a fun filled week at Soul Fest. She is camping with a close family and her very best friends. 

Today is Wednesday and my 18 year old was at work, the other three went swimming, and I stayed home to clean the house. When they came back we all headed out to Ocean State Job Lots to pick up some stuff and just look around. 

The kids are back now from getting movies at Redbox and I'm heading upstairs to see what they have and to watch movies. I honestly love having my kids here. Yes, the day will come when they have their own homes and families and I know it will be quick. My evil plan is to enjoy the time that I have with them now. I look forward to the future with much hope and anticipation. :o)

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Lauralee said...

That all sounds really nice! Come check out my blog sometime if you'd like.