Wednesday, August 11, 2010


This has been one of those weeks that you read about in novels, the kind of stuff that makes you know for certain it is a book because it could not possibly be real. I will not go into detail right now, but let me just say I am so very glad that vacation is less then a week away. Granted I'm going on vacation with some of the people who are part of the drama, but that is okay. I love those people. It is the other ones that they see to force on us, that I have an issue with. 

Ahh, I remember the peaceful days of crying babies and changing diapers. In all seriousness though, I really am very proud of who my children are becoming. It is neat, painful, fun, and some times teary to watch them grow up and make choices. Like the rest of us, some days they make good choices and some days they make bad choices. In the end we are all sinners saved by grace.

Today I probably need to remember to extend that grace, more then the hammer. 

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