Monday, August 9, 2010

Facebook Etiquette

I will confess that I love Facebook. There is something fun about reading what other my friends are doing and also posting a snippet of my own life. However, I think there is a line and I need to keep reminding myself not to cross it. That line is getting upset with people who post things I don't agree with, mainly political things. My rational side knows that not everyone thinks alike, and that is okay. However, my irrational side gets so very irritated when someone will not see things my way. :o/   I know not very pretty, but I'm keeping it real here. 

So, what can I do. Here are the options that I see:

A.) Not comment on those offending posts. 

B.) Comment and then hope I don't really tick someone off.

C.) Hide the person, so I don't have to see the posts.

D.) Defriend the offending poster, even though I really like them as a person.

E.) Get a life and realize that not everyone thinks alike and that is totally okay. 

My first guesses are A and B, but probably the best course of action is E. 

Do you have a Facebook account? How did you handle posts that you don't agree with? Please share, maybe we should start a 12 Step Program for those with Facebook irritations. :o) 

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Penny @ said...

LOL. I ignore things I don't agree with. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and who am I to disagree? Plus I post some stuff sometimes when I'm feeling certain things that I KNOW will probably piss other people off or that I KNOW they will disagree with (not political) but I post it anyway, because it's how I feel. And I expect if anyone doesn't like it or disagrees they will say so and if they can't do it in a constructive way then they won't post anything at all.