Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2010 Trip to Maine, Day 1

Don't they look excited!! This is the beginning of the trip. 

This is around 2 and half hours later. 

Here is another sleepy head, except this one is drugged up on Dramamine. 

This one is awake and so is the kid!! ;o)  

After about 4 and half hours, we finally made it!! :o)

Even at 18 the girl still loves to swing. 

That is one big ball!! 

Having fun!! 

Fixing the swing and getting a little help!! ;o) 


Playin' some hard core Uno. 

View from the cabin. 

Emy at Little Beach.

Shannon and mommy (that would be me!!)  :o)

Max and Lindsay, my son and his wonderful girlfriend. 


Toby enjoying the beach.

Toby being dragged into the water. 

Looking for crabs and other sea creatures. 

Found a dead crab...eeewww!!

In this world of litigation signs are necessary to warn people of possible dangers. 

Pemaquid Lighthouse. Just a side note of information: Did you know this lighthouse is on the Maine state quarter? 


Sister and Brother

The lighthouse light!! :o)

A darker moment.

Sisters in a tree. 

Night sky and time for bed.

*****Stay tuned for day two pictures.******

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Penny @ iCouldbeFake.com said...

I saw all these on Facebook! You know I think both your girls are beautiful! Luckily on the inside too!