Friday, June 25, 2010

Woman's Day Book~~ June 25th

Outside my skies, the sun is shinning, and the birds are all having a field day.

I am thinking... about how hard it is to let our kids go. 

I am thankful for... a loving husband who is very supportive about me going back to school.

From the kitchen... lots of salads!! :o)

I am t-shirt, jean capris, and sneakers.

I am remembering..... when the kids were little and life seemed so simple.

I am going... to clean my bedroom and attempt to make it a 'haven'.

I am reading…. a lot material for Pathways and a lot school information.

I am hoping… that all things will work together.

On my mind… 10 weeks left till my daughter heads off to college.

I am hearing... the dog bark.

Around the house... the girls are at work, the boys are chatting, and I'm wasting a little time here.

Noticing that… worship is important for the soul. 

1 comment:

Granite Buckeye said...

yes! worship is very important for the soul! I am thrilled that you are going to school. You will make an awesome counselor. :)