Friday, June 18, 2010

Flash Back Friday

Oh, what fun this will be!! I'm so glad that Penny started this meme, or whatever the right bloggy lingo is for it. 

My flash back goes way back to 1983 or there about, which would of made me 15 or 16. We we went to my cousins lovely wedding at the family farm. My sister, my cousin, and I snuck a little bit to drink and did some other illegal thing, which shall remain nameless. We all headed home together and ended up at my cousins house. I think we did something else illegal, not really sure and then he was going to bring me home. On the way home it started to drizzle, but the roads seemed fine. He came to a stop sign made a complete stop and then for some reason when he accelerated the car started to fish tail and it ended up wrapped around a telephone pole! We were both okay, but a little bruised and shook up. I remember get out of the car and just looking around at the cars going by and the houses that all appeared to be empty. I knew that we would be in a lot of trouble if the police found us there and since I lived with my grandmother I was afraid I'd be sent back to my mothers. I told my cousin that we needed to leave the scene, so that is what we did. We started walking toward my house, but we took a detour and these guys stopped and asked if we were in the accident. We told them yes, and they gave us a ride home.

My sister was there waiting for us, she had no clue what happened. Once we told her, she knew I would be in big trouble so she told me to hide while her and my cousin went back to the accident. By the time they got there it was buzzing with 2 ambulances, 3 police cars, and 1 fire truck. They were all puzzled as to where the 'victims' were. My sister and my cousin told the cops what happened and they were going to just tell them that he was alone, but the cops asked about a girl. Apparently someone called 911 and told them that a boy and a girl were in the car. My sister, being the fast thinker she is, told the cops that the girl was a run away who had left the scene. She told them that 'I' was okay, but I did not want to be found. For some strange reason they believed her. 

Later that night my head hurt and my hand hurt terribly bad. I knew I had to see a doctor, but I didn't want to tell my grandmother what happened. I talked to my sister and we decided I better tell the truth. My grandmother was upset, but not to the point of kicking me out. She took me to the hospital where it was determined that I had a small concussion and a bruised bone on my hand.

Whenever I go to Ct. and drive past the "pole" I get a slight chuckle and tell my kids about that day. :o)

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Penny @ said...

You're so lucky it wasn't worse! I really find it hard to believe that you ever did anything "illegal"! lol. I'm trying to picture that but I can't quite see it!