Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Book Sneeze

I have a little confession to make:

I have a love affair with books and I have love affair with free things!

Okay, I feel better getting that right out in the open. It is a huge weight off my mind. These days that love affair with those two very special things is so easy to remedy. All I have to do is go to booksneeze  and pick out a book. They send me the book for FREE all I have to do is review here on my blog!! It's that simple!! 
I am only on my second book and I'm waiting very impatiently  patiently for it to get here. The last book I reviewed was Captivating and the one I'm waiting for is Beyond Opinion. Both of those books are Christian non fiction books, but that is not all they have by any means. You pick the genre that you are interested and then a list books magically appears for you to choose from. If you love to read and you love free things then head on over to booksneeze and get yourself registered. 

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