Sunday, October 31, 2010

Twenty-Two Years

Twenty-two years ago today, I married the love of my life. Many people ask me why in the world we picked Halloween to get married on? The truth is, we didn't pick. We decided to get married in a small ceremony with a justice of the peace and in all honesty we didn't look at the calendar. When we were about to give our vows, the JP asked us if we cared that we were getting married on Halloween. We both said, "It's Halloween? No, we don't care." The with not much fanfare we said our vows.

It has been a wonderful life that we have had. 

Not perfect, but wonderful nonetheless. 

So, today I thank the Lord for bringing Larry into my life.  Through it all, I would never pick another and I would never change a thing. 

Thank you Larry, for being the most wonderful husband, father, and friend that a gal could ever ask for. 


Penny said...

Ha! I thought you got married on Halloween on purpose because you don't celebrate it. You know, like another reason to celebrate on that day.

rural momma said...

Nope, I really have no issue with Halloween. We did it a few times, but then we went to the church for Light Night.