Saturday, October 9, 2010

College Preparation, the Homeschool Way

My daughter, who will be our third homeschool graduate, has been diligently preparing for college.  My mailbox has been inundated with mail from various colleges and universities. I can honestly say that she has taken the time to look into the ones that she was interested in, and then whittled them down to three choices:


The Art Institute of Boston

Liberty University

Since she excels in and loves art, her major will be something in that area. She is tossing around ideas of graphic art or art therapy, and she has looked into each of those areas herself.  I remember when my son was getting ready for college, it was pretty much me doing the leg work. It is funny to see the differences in the kids, even though they are siblings.  

Along with all of her leg work, I still have to make a transcript for her. One of the colleges listed, expects a rather detailed transcript for homeschool students. That would include not only the list of subjects and grades, but also a list of all the books used for each subject. That will be a huge undertaking, because the majority of her school work has been done through books and not just text books.  Fortunately I have a list of the majority of books read, already saved on my computer so I won't have to totally trust my memory. 

Since she is so diligent, all of this needs to be done within the next few weeks. Fortunately I am heading into the last week of my college courses, and then I have a one week break. During that time I plan on gathering all the information she needs and making a detailed transcript. Once I do that I will post the steps here, for those who may be interested. 

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Penny said...

That is crazy. I can't believe she's going to be gong off to college!!!