Monday, October 18, 2010

My View on The View

Due to the pace of the news, it is more then likely that the majority of people know about the walk off of Joy Behar and Whoopie Goldberg.  For those who don't know, you can see a clip here. What I find extremely interesting is how Joy Behar can look into the cameras on todays show and say that she was basically sticking up to a bully

I find it interesting, because Ms. Behar has, on more then one occasion, used her pulpit to bash those she does not agree with.  Take homeschooling for instance, Ms. Behar referred to them as "demented". I wonder if she actually knows a homeschool family, or if she is just being a bully?

Then she made a comment that when people pray, they are not thinking. Which means they let go of their intellect, because they believe in and talk to God. Once again is she being nice or being a bully? 

Radio talk show host Laura Ingraham has lots of Ms. Bahar's language and what she has said in regards to those she disagrees with. 

My view on the view:

1.)  They should apologize to Bill O'Reilly for being plain rude.

2.) They should apologize to their viewers.

3.) If they cannot handle different opinions, then they are in the wrong line of business.


Penny said...

Look at Lesley, being controversial!!

It's not so bad, now is it!? lol

I like Joy Behar... but that is effed up that she said homeschool kids are demented. I happen to know five personally and they aren't demented at all.

rural momma said...


I am learning that it's okay to share my opinion. ;o) I realize that not everyone will agree, and it okay. :o)