Friday, October 29, 2010

My Vote

In light of the upcoming elections on Tuesday November 2nd, I'd like to give my own political opinion. 

I hear some Democrats asking people if they want to go back to "Bush era", basically the era and policies that go us into this mess. I'm not exactly sure if those make these claims are totally ignorant to the fact that the Democrats have been in power in Congress since 2006. The President does not vote or control the budget, it is the Congress. Since the Congress has been run by the Democrats for  four years, is it really all Bush's fault that things are going down hill or as President Obama likes to say, "in the ditch"?  

I do not think so. 

In my opinion, we need to vote out the political elite who really seem to care less about the Constitution and more about keeping their own pockets lined.  As far as I'm concerned, that can be both Democrats and Republicans alike. We need common sense fiscally conservative men and women, who actually know what it is like to balance a checkbook and live within their means. No more racking up trillion dollar debts, that we cannot pay for.  

Yes health care for all sounds nice, but who is going to pay for it? 

Illegal immigration is ILLEGAL, period. 

Social Security is a joke, it is only going to go so far and it will be bankrupt. Let the people decide what to do with their own money. 

Raises for Congress? No way! If anything they should get a huge pay cut or at the minimum a pay freeze. Better yet, instead of them voting for their own pay raise, let those who they work for decide (the voters). 

Lobbyist? No! I think that each Congressman/woman or Senator should work for those that hire them, the voters. They should not be beholden to special interests in manner. 

Bail Outs? No! Nothing is "to big to fail" in the free market system. If the government was hot to give out money, then each citizen could of gotten a check and no doubt the economy would of been spurred. 

Although I am pro-life, pro-marriage, and pro-gun ownership those are not the issues that are driving me to vote in this election. The main issue is the debt, it has to get under control. 

My vote will be for those candidates who are fiscally conservative, my vote is for my children's future. 

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