Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tackle It Tuesday -- April 13th

Yesterday was Menu Plan Monday and today is tackle it Tuesday.  Yes, I am in the bloggy field getting to know other bloggers and it is fun and exciting!! :o) My tackle project for today is to get ready for the youth convention.

Need To Do:
                          * Laundry
                          * Pack A Bag or Something Similar
                          * Make a list of munchies that we want to bring
                          * Clean out my van, since it is one the vehicles going
                          * Prepare by heart by praying and seeking the Word
                          * Get to ready to have 3 fun filled days with 600+ teens!! :o)

What are you going to tackle today, big or small it doesn't matter. Head on over to 5minutesformom and join in the fun!! :o)


Susie said...

Good luck with that tackle!

Stephanie said...

You are so brave, 600 teens! Have a great time!