Monday, April 19, 2010


The Lord has been showing me to take notice of the little things that He does for me each and every day. I'm going to write the list here so that way I can look back and reflect on what God has done in my life. You know those days when life seems to be totally and completely overwhelming? On days like those I want to be able to remember how faithful God is. This post will be ongoing, and hopefully have no end. :o)

I'm thankful for:

1.) Gods salvation.
2.) Gods forgiveness.
3.) Gods love.
4.) That I was able to attend the 2010 youth convention.
5.) I woke up this morning in a nice comfy warm bed.
6.) I fell asleep with my amazing husband.
7.) The cold rain that is helping the leaves to grow.
8.) I got to talk to my oldest sister last night, it was wonderful.
9.) Though my kids are not perfect, they are all the best of friends.
10.) A nice hot cuppa' coffee.
11.) My mother left an amazing legacy for me and my family.
12.) The yummy orange I had this morning.
13.) A series that my son actually is loving to read!! :o)
14.) Best friends who stay up late to listen when they would rather be sleeping.
15.) For a reliable vehicle that gets us where we need, have, and want to go. ;o)
16.) Amazing churches that have showed me the love of Christ, like I have never experienced before.
17.) I have a story to tell. It may be a hard story, but heart is ready to have God expose it and use it for His glory.
18.) My son is feeling better today, he had a bit of a cold yesterday.
19.) It is a beautiful day outside today.
20.) My husband who works tirelessly for his family.
21.) The 12 new baby chicks.
22.) Two new calves.
23.) The sound of the piano playing.
24.) The sound of a father and son having a good time playing video games. 

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