Saturday, April 10, 2010

Prayers For Emma

Emma is a little girl who really needs our prayers. I have two buttons on the sidebar that link directly to her moms site. One is the "Pray for Emma" button and the other is "Especially Heather". I have been following Heathers blog for several years now and believe me when I tell you this family has been through more then most of us will ever go through. In the midst of all their struggles Heather always turns things around so her readers can see the glory of God. I know the family is sad, weary, on edge, and I'm sure very tired. There are few ways to let this family know you are thinking about them:
                   1.) Head on over to Heathers blog and leave a comment. Many times just one nice comment can make the day a little bit easier to get through.

                   2.) Go here and pick up a button for Emma to post on your blog or website.

                   3.) Head on over here and join in the card basket for Emma and her family. It is free to do just use this code GCHEATHERAPR13 at check out. For the address you can put it any address, it will not capture it because this is a card basket.

                   4.) Pray, pray, and pray some more. This family really needs to be lifted up to the Father on a continual basis. You can never have enough prayer.

                   5.) Spread the word on Facebook and Twitter, the more people that know the more will be praying.

It does not matter if you know this family in real life or not, I only know Heather through her blog. It will not take very long to do one or all of those things, please join in and let this family know they are cared for.

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