Monday, April 12, 2010

Menu Plan Monday ~ April 12th


I seem to be hit and miss when it comes to participating in Menu Plan Monday. It's not that I don't plan a menu, but many times I forget to post it. This weeks menu is very sketchy, because me and the kids are heading out to the youth convention and hubby will be on his own. Though I would love to say that I prepare meals for him ahead of time and put them in the fridge, it is not the case. If the truth be told, he is a much better cook then I am and is more then capable of preparing his meals. The clean up, well that's a whole 'nother thing. This weeks menu will be for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

Monday~ Kielbasa, rice, broccoli
Tuesday~ Creamy Corn Chowder with Ham
Wednesday~ Baked Ziti, Salad, and Garlic Bread
Saturday~ Cheese Burgers and Home Made French Fries

Its an easy week. :o) I look forward to reading other peoples menus and getting some new and fresh ideas. Join in the fun by clicking on the link above and posting your own menu. :o)

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