Saturday, August 29, 2009

What Happens When Mom Doesn't Want to Start School?

I remember as a kid not wanting summer to end. I loved the long summer days of being free to be.....a kid. One would think that being post kid age, I would of given up my rebellious ways. I'm here to testify that I have not. I want to be excited for school to start, but I'm not there.

* I don't have our whole curriculum ordered. We have enough to do school, but there is more I want/need? to get.

* All those wonderful school supplies that I keep seeing at the stores, have yet to make it into the cart. Times are tight, so when I'm looking to buy food or pencils the food always wins out. Unless of course the pencils are flavored, then maybe I would consider it a valid purchase. ;o)

* The school room is so totally not done. Right now the table is covered, and I mean literally covered and stacked with books that need to find a home.

* My mojo is missing and I don't know where I left it. I think the last place I saw it was the end of the school year when I was thinking about .....summer.

So, there it is.

Keeping it real here.

Now, does this mean that I will sit back and not teach my kids? Will I let them just slither off and become, those homeschoolers!!?? You know those ones that you read about in the newspaper, cause you know the newspaper always tells the truth.

No!! I will:

* Use what we have till I buy the rest.

* Use the supplies I have bought through the years and maybe save a penny or two.

* Get the school room ready, and if not then we do have other rooms to use.

* Find my mojo, even if it means heading to the beach to do a unit study on tide pools.

Ahh, yes....... my type of schooling.


Granite Buckeye said...

Let me know what you need regarding supplies, we have some stuff left from years gone by. I haven't gotten anything yet this year, gonna wait until I find out what he needs. Also, I have been watching the Staples flyer, looking for those free items. :)
I don't know where your mojo is, but I am positive that you will find it after Sunday... :)

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Give yourself permission to take this week off of school. Then start next week. Have cupcakes for breakfast and parade around your hard singing your made up homeschool fight song.

Or not.

Sometimes I just have to pick a date and say that we're "starting" whether I'm ready or not! It is usually just enough boost to get me more organized on our second day of school.

Hope you find your mojo soon!