Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Back to School~ Week 2~ School Rooms

It is 'Not Back to School Month' over at mythreeboybarians, and this weeks theme is school rooms or where you school. We school pretty much all over the house, but we do have a contained area for schooling and school stuff. We also have a large table, futon, and a big comfy chair which for some reason were camera shy. ;o)

These are pictures of our school room were taken last winter. If was to take pictures today and post them, it would look very different. Our son is currently using the school room as a bedroom until his brother goes back to college. So you would see a futon that is unmade and clothes scattered on the floor. :0/
Head on over here and join in the fun!! :o)

*** I wanted to share that the room has not been painted in a long time. It used to be the girls bedroom. :o)


Tracy said...

My Dd used to have clouds on her bedroom walls when she was 2...she still talks about them! Have a great year!

Mrs. C said...

My 9 and 8 y-o sons still enjoy the clouds in their room. They share it with their 2 y. o. brother.

Mrs. C said...

PS the clear tubs help keep everything organized, but you still know where everything is. :]

Samantha said...

I will have lots on our shelves soon too! Thanks for your comment!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

I never got around to taking pictures because... well, we are still in the middle of it all and all around the house. :)

LOL I noticed that the stickers were still on your clear containers. I do that ALL the time! I have to remind myself to peel away. I do like for them to be clear so it's easy to see what's inside.

rural momma said...

Marsha~~ It's funny you noticed the stickers, I never even noticed them. :o)