Sunday, August 2, 2009

Soul Fest 2009--Weather

The girls and I got back from Soul Fest and have had several inquiries about the weather, of all things. Here is an overview of the weeks weather, for those who may be interested.

Wednesday~~ We got there and it was gorgeous and very dry. We were able to set up camp with no mud puddles. As the day progressed the clouds moved in and by the evening we were experiencing torrential down pours. Family Force Five and Skillet were on the main stage, and the rain did not stop them from putting on a great show. I actually think the rain enhance the show, if that's possible. Yes we were soaked, even with rain gear but it was so much fun!! :o)

Thursday~~ This was a gorgeous day. Lots of sun to dry up all the wet stinky mud and there was LOTS of wet stinky mud.

Friday~~ Rainy. It rained all day right up till a couple hours before the headline band the Newsboys. It was a dry concert, aside from the massive mud.

Saturday~~ Another beautiful day. It was hot and sunny all day long. The mud finally dried up and my sneakers were no longer sopping wet.

Sunday~~ When we packed up this morning everything was nice and dry. :o) It did rain tonight though, but I'm now safe and snug in my own home not in my van. ;o)

So, there you have the weather for the week of Soul Fest 2009. :o) I will post about our trip later in the week for any inquiring minds.

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Granite Buckeye said...

Of course I want to know more...any mountain top experiences or should I say bottom of the mountain experiences?
I am waiting to hear about Casting Crowns, Third Day and all the rest of the great bands you probably saw. :)