Friday, November 26, 2010

Dear Mom

Dear Mom:

      It has been over four years since you have sat at the Thanksgiving table, and although each year should gets easier I still miss you very much.  I miss you running in like a tornado juggling pies, homemade cranberry sauce, breads, pork roast, pickles, cider, and anything else you thought the dinner needed. At the time I didn't realize I would miss it, but I do. I miss hearing your laugh and your occasional use of cuss words. I miss how you always complemented Bruce, even though Kim was the one scurrying around getting the dinner ready. I miss sitting around after dinner, cleaning up and talking. I miss watching the parade with you, as well as your running commentary of it. I just plain ol' miss you mom and I wish you were here. The kids are all growing so fast, you would be very proud of all of them.  Thanks for leaving such a wonderful legacy, I hope you knew how much we all loved and appreciated you. 

                                                 Love your daughter, 

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