Friday, January 8, 2010

So Quiet

It is so very quiet here, the kids are off to youth group and hubby is sound asleep. Times like this is when I love to listen to air1 , check out my facebook page, listen to Beth Moore , do a Bible study using blue letter bible, watch a show on hulu, or come here and blog about portions of my life for complete strangers to read. :o] Tonight I choose blogging......

Today was a chilly day up here in the north country. The goats coats are getting full and they are looking very fat, which helps them when the thermometer plummets. They are still munching on the remnants of a friends Christmas tree, and I think they appreciate it very much. A week ago the goats finished off our tree, and they were very excited to have another one. I should take some pictures of what a Christmas tree looks like after 3 goats have munched on it for a week. It is not a jolly sight, to say the least.

School is going good. We seem to be on target to finish up in the beginning of June, which is a good thing since I like taking the summers off. I need to order a few more pieces for our curriculum, mainly Algebra 2 for my daughter. She completed a school years worth of Chemistry in less then 4 months and came out of it with a 97 average. My other daughter is in her senior year and focusing on essay writing. It is fun. If you like writing essays, which I'm not so sure my daughter does. LOL Then there's the boy, who is having a better year then last year. His reading is coming along, which is a huge praise. He still has a ways to go, but I praise God that it is easier then last year. I found a great math program for him from Alpha Omega, it is the Switched on Schoolhouse Computer version. It is a natural fit, since he loves the computer and finds it easier to deal with then pencil and paper. I love it, because every day that is the one subject he really looks forward to and right now the one he excels at. My plan is to get the Language Arts too, but for now it is in the "want to buy" list.

My van is still in the shop. The engine blew over the Thanksgiving weekend and until we get our income tax return it is sitting just waiting. I think its lonely, but aside from visiting it and bringing warm cookies there's not much else I can do. ;o) Since the van has been out of commission that means I've been at home, which is not a bad place to be. The only down side is that I really and I mean really miss going to our new church. We had only been there a couple months and were getting settled in and meeting people, when the van broke. Praise God for the small group of Bible study ladies, we still keep in touch and they have been here for Bible study. I still miss the fellowship of church though. One thing is for sure, it is only for a season, as is everything.

Well, that's it for here. Everything is caught up and till next time have a blessed day/night in the Lord!

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