Friday, January 22, 2010

Miller Fisher Syndrome

I have a little bit updating to do here at the blog of mine. When the new year started I wanted to be faithful here to write about homeschooling and other life issues. However, life has taken a bit of a turn. My 15 year old daughter has an illness that has yet to be determined. The neurologist thinks its Miller Fisher Syndrome, but is not 100% sure. Since he is not sure my daughter has and will continue to see doctors and have more tests. It is a very unsettling and stressful time in our home.

She was not feeling that great last week, in her words she felt "funky". Then on Friday night, while at youth group, she had an episode where she could not stand. Her legs were wobbly, her vision faded, she could not see anything for 5 minutes, and she was unable to concentrate on anything. When she looks at you her eyes veer off to the right side, but yet she thinks she is looking right at you. If you ask her to touch you, she misses.

Needless to say, we took her to the emergency room on Friday night. They did blood tests and at CAT Scan and all came back negative. The doctor said that since it was not an emergency there was nothing he could do. He suggested that we see our regular doctor on Monday. So, Monday we went to the doctor who sent her for an emergency MRI. Praise God that came back normal, but since it did and she was having difficulties other tests were ordered. Blood tests, spinal tap, and a complete neurological exam by a fantastic neurologist.

The test results have all been within normal range, praise God. They do have some blood tests out still that are for very specific things. If it is Miller Fisher Syndrome there is nothing they can do. It is not fatal and will cure itself once it runs its course. This disease is very rare, so there is little information about it. It is brought on by a virus, any virus. Its not particular.

So, that has been our life. Homeschooling has kind of taken a back seat to doctors visits and just maintaining family life. I hope to get a schedule together over the weekend, so that the other two will have their work ready for them. If not, then I guess we go further into the summer break then we planned. Oh the joys of homeschooling!1 ;o)

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Denver said...

Hi, I just wanted to drop a note as my sister was just diagnosed with Miller Fisher Syndrome as of last night and they have already started giving her treatments. So the sooner they give her a full MRI maybe they will figure out what is wrong. God Bless You.