Monday, December 26, 2011

Woman's Day

Outside my is cold, the sky is grey, and snow is all around.  

I am thinking...about last year and about the year to come. 

I am thankful for...Jesus and how truly relational He is.  

From the kitchen...I have not been cooking, but my husband has been making wonderful dishes. Last night for Christmas dinner he made homemade pizza that was truly divine! 

I am wearing...purplish jogging pants, fuzzy socks, and a Houghton hoodie that my daughter got me for Christmas.   
I am family in Connecticut.  

I am bring my son Max to the airport. He will be heading to Delaware for five days to see his beautiful fiance'. 

I am reading…"Why You Do The Things You Do" - this is for on of my Christian Counseling classes. 

I am hoping….that people, especially in America, realize how truly blessed they are. 

On my mind…coffee. 

I am hearing...the pitter-patter of feet as the family is starting to wake up. 

Around the the process of waking up for the day.  

Noticing that…getting older is truly not such a terrible thing. 

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