Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 2

I would love to say that I woke up feeling great this morning and this 'fast' is easy, but that would be a lie. I woke up with a terrible headache! Though I'm allowing myself 2 cups of coffee a day, I have no doubt it was from lack of caffeine. As I sought the Lord, I thought the headache would subside but I was wrong. Then I started to feel sick, and since I had an important meeting for work I had to get it together. I ended up eating one piece of toast, some strawberries, and drinking some water with lemon. After a little while I felt much better and was able to proceed with the day.

After my meeting I bought a small coffee and a little tiny tub of cantaloupe. I had that for lunch. Believe it or not I felt really good today, once I got over the initial morning issues. Tonight I'm going grocery shopping, so I'll be prepared for the week. 

Since the fast is not about food, but about meeting with God I want to share a few things that I've learned:

* God wants all of me, not a small part in a compartment, but every single part.

* God wants me to 'wear a path to Him'. Not just go to Him when I need something, but to continually seek His face.

That is really it!! :o) Not a lot of words, but for me it is a lot of meat to chew on. 

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