Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Daniel Fast - Days 6,7,8

When you have a problem where to you go?

Do you talk to your husband?

Talk to a friend?

Go to your Pastor?

Internalize the problem?

Do all of the above at one time or another?

Daniel was told that the king was going to kill all the 'wise men' in the country. The king had a disturbing dream and wanted someone to not only interpret the dream, but to tell them the dream.  The wise men told him that only God could tell dreams and the king got perturbed and ordered their death. When word got back to Daniel (who was a wise man) he immediately had his friends pray.  They sought the Lord until He revealed the dream, which was in the middle of night. Then Daniel praised God for revealing the answer. In the end he went to the king and told him the dream and the interpretation.

Lets recap:

1.) Daniel asked godly people to pray.

2.) They prayed diligently until the answer was given.

3.) They accepted the answer.

4.) They praised god for revealing the truth.

5.) Went and did what God said. 

That should be a model of what we do when we face a crisis. The king was not messing around, he had every intention of killing the wise men and Daniel knew it! Instead of going and trying to convince the king to change his mind, he sought the Only One that could possibly have the answer. Once the answer was revealed he did not question it, he went and faced the king. Can you imagine having that much confidence in what God says, knowing that lives (including your own) are in your hands?  I wonder if he went in trembling or if he went in with confidence? My guess is that he went in with confidence and boldness.

How about you?

Do you approach the Lord with boldness and confidence?

Are you so in tune to the the voice of the Lord that you know when and what He is speaking?

Are you surrounding yourself with godly people who can pray for you in your time of need?

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