Sunday, September 12, 2010

The "real you"

With the advent of all this technology we can communicate with people we probably will never meet. We can also get to people that we may really have nothing in common with in "real life", but on the computer can become best of friends. If you have a Face Book account you can read snippets of someones life, see pictures, and even chat with them. If you have a Twitter account you can see shorter snippets of someones life and get a teeny birds eye view of that persons life. Then there are blogs where in a way you can see even greater pieces of a persons life. I know there are many other social sites, but since I'm on those three that is what I know. 

All of this talk is leading up to one thought:  

Can you really get to know a person through the Internet?

I know some would give an unequivocal and rousing, "Yes!". 

Those are the people who most likely chat online or email on a regular basis. 

As for me, I think it takes more then seeing snippets of someones life to get to really know them. After all, I don't post every single detail of my life here,  though it may seem like it. ;o)  There are many things that people who just know me on Face Book, Twitter, and even here at my blog don't know about me, but because they read snippets of my life they may think they really know me. I do try to be very real when I share things, but I don't share every single thing. To really get to know a person takes time, more time then just reading some snippets of their life. 

Any thoughts? 

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Penny @ said...

Well you have a blog, so you can share more than snippets, I know I do on my blog. Some days I want to delete some of those posts but I choose not to. Strange but really you are one of only two people I know in real life who read my blog.

I do have one friend I have never met but we are close. We read eachother's blogs, and we email back and forth, but we have also spoken on the phone a few times.

Then there is this one, we read eachother's blogs and tweet to eachother. I dont know everything about her obviously but I feel like I could tell her things and not be judged for it.

THere is one woman on Facebook that lives right around here, and she is from NH. We have never met in real life but we have spoken on the phone and we talk on Facebook. I keep meaning to get to her playdates and bbq's but something always comes up... lol

I guess it depends on how you use it, whether you can know someone or not.