Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yesterday the girl went to the neurologist for a follow up appointment and it was good. The first time she saw this doctor was in the emergency room almost two months ago. At that time she had no reflexes what so ever. I remember watching him use that little hammer thing on her knees over and over again, with no response. He also checked her ankles, with no response. I can't remember for sure if he checked her elbows, I think he did and there was no response. It was so weird watching it. We all knew that she should be doing something, but it was like dead air filled the room. That was the second time I got really scared, the first was when she had the emergency MRI.

Back to yesterday.....

The doctor did the little hammer thing and there the slightest movement with her leg!!! It was not huge, and someone not really paying attention would miss it, but I saw it and it warmed my heart!! Then he checked her ankles and once again, there was a very slight response. He went back through his notes to make sure her reflexes were unresponsive before, and they were. That means that she is improving!!!!! :o)

I was so incredibly happy and relieved, I felt like dancing right there in his office. :o) Don't worry, I spared him and refrained. ;o)

So.... we still don't have a diagnosis and she is still having many of the same issues but today I'm lighter then I have been in a long time. :o)


Penny D. said...

I'm so glad to hear that. Even though they have no idea what's really go on it's great that she is improving. Maybe it was a virus or something that attacked her nervous system and she's finally kicking the virus!!!

I'm so glad she's doing better, she's such a sweetie :)

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

that is wonderful news! praying for encouragement for you.