Friday, February 19, 2010

School Day

Today I started school early with the boy, and it worked out great!! :o) Technically I have 3 'students', but he is the only one that still requires my full attention. I happened to get up around 6ish and went upstairs to make coffee while the computer booted up. Much to my amazement the boy was up and asked me if we could start school early. Did you get that? He asked me to start school and not just start school, but start early. What homeschooling mom could refuse such a request? Oh ya, me. I was still sleepy, hadn't had coffee, and the computer was booting up after all. I told him that if he got ready for the day that we could start school once he was done. This kid, the one that takes for-ev-er getting ready and even longer when I ask him to do something, actually did what he was asked!! Wow!! I was impressed.

After he got ready is was around 7ish and we were sitting at the table doing starting our Bible time. This is a sweet time that I try very hard not to miss. Right now we are reading the book of John at the pace of about a chapter every couple of days. He reads it outloud and then we discuss it. I have a great book of Bible maps that I pull out and to show him where things happened. Then we start the day with prayer. Did I say it is a sweet time?

We then moved on to Language Arts using: Daily Grams 7th Grade; Easy Grammar 7th/8th grade; Spelling (I use my own list); Wordly Wise 7th grade (vocabulary) This takes a long time, but the results have been great. :o)

Next was math. He is currently using Saxon Math 7/8 along with Horizons Math. I find that using both of these gives him a solid Math curriculum. He surprised me today because he finally grasped the concept of division and it didn't take him forever to finish.

Then we took a little break. The girls were up and getting ready for their day. I could tell they were amazed that we were already doing school.

History was next on the list. We are using Abecka American History as the main textbook, but also supplementing with A History of US and other 'living books'. I never was a fan of history, till I started homeschooling. Many times schools stick to basic boring factual textbooks, instead of reading all the wonderful books out there. Textbooks remind me of basic white bread, devoid of all nutrients. Living books remind me of whole grain bread, which you can really sink your teeth into.

That was it for actual "book learning", he then worked on making a game with the computer and is now making lunch. :o)

I hope that we can stick to this type of schedule, it seems to work much better then dragging out school for the whole day.

How was your school day? Did you learn anything new today? Did you try a new technique? Please feel free to share in the comments below or send me an email.

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Penny D. said...

I don't know how you do it. My friend Sherette homeschool's her daughter who is Gillian's friend. I really don't know how you guys do it. I get so frustrated when I'm sitting with Matthew trying to help him with his homework.