Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Simple Women's Day Book 2-24-10

Outside my window.... the snow is coming down, but not too hard.

I'm thankful that..... Shannon is doing better. It may be slow, but at least there is improvement.

From the kitchen.... hubby is making something and it smells yummy!! :o)

I'm wearing... a teal long sleeved shirt, jeans, and boots. Why boots? I was outside feeding the animals and haven't taken them off yet.

I'm creating.... not much. I should start working on the photo album again. I seem to go in spurts, but when I do it I really love it.

I'm reading.... Going Rogue by Sarah Palin. I love Sarah!!!

I'm hoping.... that Shannon will keep improving and be better soon.

I'm hearing...the dog growl, in a friendly way, at my son who is playing with him.

Around the house... hubby is upstairs cooking, Shannon is reading, Emily is here with me, and the boy is outside.

One of my favorite things.... worship!!! I love worship!! :o)

A few plans for the rest of the week.....
Thursday: Clean the house for Shannon's 16th birthday party
Friday: Shannon has an EEG exam in the morning, we have practice for a women's ministry skit, and then we are attending a benefit concert.
Saturday: Shannon's birthday party!! There will be about 15 teenagers here for movies, games, and pizza. ;o)
Sunday: church and then a movie and lunch

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MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

hope you aren't staying up too late partying! :)