Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I purposed in my heart that this year I would not be stressed at Christmas. No matter what came my way, life would go on and stress would not rear its ugly head. Well, life threw many things my way and when I started to feel stress pop up, I would worship the Lord. It may sound simplistic, but it's true. Worship. It is a word that means so much to me, but even more to God. Instead of counting my problems, I started counting my blessings. Literally. I remember before Thanksgiving laying in bed and telling the Lord how great He was. It was a tough time, but yet as I talked to God and thanked Him for who is not to mention all He's done I fell into a deep sleep.

It. Was. Amazing.

This season as things can get so very stressful remember to praise the One whose birth we are celebrating. You may feel you have nothing to praise Him about, then praise Him anyway. Praise Him through the storms. Praise Him in the valleys. Praise Him on the mountains. He is worthy of our praise.

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