Sunday, February 6, 2011

College Update

Going back to college at age 43, is proving itself to be a very challenging thing.  Last semester I did pretty good, I actually made the Deans List!! :o) This semester is turning into something totally different, I highly doubt there will be any list for me. 

The classes I'm currently enrolled in are:

English 101 (I honestly should of taken English 100, even though I passed the proficiency exam.)

Math 100 (Even though this is the first Math a student can take, it is very difficult for me. I am truly finding out way M-A-T-H is a four-letter word!)

Introduction to Christian Counseling (This is the only class this semester that I am getting good grades in. I guess it's a good thing considering Counseling/Psychology is my major.)

Introduction to Sociology (I have not started this yet, but I'm hopeful that I will like it and do well in it.)

The homework this semester seems to be more then last semester and it also seems that the expectations of the professors is higher.  I will muddle through and Lord willing not fail the classes and have to do them all over again. 

Have you gone back to school? What classes have you taken? Did you find them easy or difficult? Did you have enough time to study, work, and have a semblance of a life? Please answer....this inquiring mind really wants to know! 

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