Thursday, December 23, 2010


Things here have been so busy, that I am finding it hard to keep up with this blog. Not that I'm going to delete the blog, no way! I have too many snippets of my life on here to just end up wherever deleted blogs go. 

School is finished for the semester and I ended with three A's and one B! :o) The next semester starts on January 19th, but in the mean time I'm happy to be done. Work is going great!! I LOVE my job and I am so blessed to have it!! I get to help people and get paid for it, I could not ask for anything better!! :o) The kids are all home from college, so the house is a flurry of activity.  Tomorrow is Christmas Eve day and I will be cleaning the house, going to my sister in laws, maybe church, and home for the duration. On Christmas we always hang out at home and I truly enjoy it!! No running around. We have a big breakfast, open presents one at a time, and then we watch lots of movies. I happen to have a pretty good in with Santa, so I know there will be lots of movies. ;o) Then on Sunday, if the weather is good, we will head to church. I'm excited because it will be first time since summer that the whole family can worship together. 

I guess that is it for now. I hope you all have a very merry and blessed Christmas!! :o)

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