Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Days of Naught

I have wanted to get here to this lil' space and share my thoughts for awhile, but since our phone and therefore computer is off, I have not had much opportunity. I wanted to share with my bloggy friends, that I am in fact okay and that life really does go on without a phone or computer. ;o) The phone part, is actually covered by a cheap track phone but the computer part.....

When our service was shut off I must say I certainly went through the stages of grief. However, during that time the Lord has shown me over and over again that though I like the computer it is not a must have. It is not something always edifies Him and in all honesty my time can become consumed by it. He also showed me that in this time of transitioning from one home church to another, less is often better. I cannot explain it, except to say that when I look to people things get crazy and jumbeled, but when I look to God the fog clears. I love people, really I do. However, in the midst of this minor storm my spiritual eyes have become more clear. I want so badly to share it with you, but alas a child needs my help finding a book (we are at the library).

I mainly wanted to let anyone who reads this blog to know that I'm not dead. LOL. Actually to the contrary, I'm feeling more alive and tuned in then I have in a very long time. :o)

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Granite Buckeye said...

I am very very glad that you are not dead! :) I miss chatting with you